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Dust Mite Facts
Dust mite are present in every household no matter how clean you may think your property. We have a huge knowledge base on the ins and outs of dust mites meaning we can assist with any enquiry you may have.

House dust mites are so small( approx 0.1mm), they can't be seen by the naked eye, which means that many household owners think that their mattresses and lounging areas are free of dust mites after a vigorous clean with their vacuum cleaner, which is simply not the case.

A female mite produces 60 to 100 eggs per day. The average life span of the mite is 20-40 days and can produces about 2,000 particles of droppings that contain a powerful allergen.

These microscopic dust mites feed on dead skin and animals around the house and although harmless to many, the protein in their faeces can cause allergic reactions to some people.

This is why specialist hypo-allergenic cleaning is so important to eliminate dust mites and their faeces from your sleeping environment.

Generally, dust mites thrive in the winter because we keep our homes warm to combat the cold weather. The dust mites multiply in the comfort of the warmth and humidity around the home, especially in mattresses. They also live in carpets, pillows and furniture around the house and will be most commonly found in large numbered families and households with pets. They move by the stream of air inside the house.


Cleaner East Devon
Cleaner East Devon
What is a dust mite allergy...
The house dust mite allergen is one of the most potent triggers of allergic reactions like rhinitis (running sneezing), asthma (wheezing, breathing difficulties) and childhood eczema. As with other allergens, the dust mite allergen causes an ‘over-reaction' in an allergic person. Immune molecules known as immunoglobulin E are produced and these cause the release of an inflammatory chemical called histamine from mast cells. It is the histamine that produces the characteristic symptoms of an allergic reaction. A non-allergic person's immune system will not produce this reaction on exposure to allergens or pollen. 
What is the link between dust mite and humidity...
Dust mites thrive in the warm humid conditions that we have in the UK. To survive, house dust mites absorb water from the air and when humidity is less than 50% they tend to dry out and die. They also prefer temperatures about 70°F (21°C). It is crucial to have good ventilation and to avoid damp conditions in your home.
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