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Cleaner East Devon
Home Allergy Control
With offer a specialist and unique allergy control service throughout East Devon and the surrounding areas.
What can we do ?
We offer a unique specialist for allergy sufferers which will not only leave your rooms clean and refreshed but it will leave it ‘Allergy friendly' and will also prolong the life of your decor and furnishings which will in-turn save you great expense. Our professional comprehensive service will be tailor-made to your requirements to cause the minimum disruption to you and your family.

There are now over 300 million allergy sufferers globally plus many others who suffer from poor quality sleep, much of which is due to the environment that they sleep in.

Our process kills and removes germs, bacteria, viruses, mould, fungus, dust mites, bed bugs, their eggs and faeces that are all known to trigger many allergy related conditions. This method is totally chemical-free. After the process is completed, the mattress, all upholstery and carpets are then treated with Allergy-Stain Protection.

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Cleaning East Devon